Who Can Learn?

As Digital is future, Now Digital marketing becomes a field of study for everyone. It doesn't matter you are art, engineer or diploma student everyone means everyone. An upcoming essential skill for all is going to be a Digital Marketing.
Things are changing. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, it is mandatory to learn or knowing digital marketing and how digital ecosystem works.
Digital Marketing has now become a High Demand profession with the decent pay scale. Every business needs Digital Marketing master to arise their companies or products online.
Now peoples are into Digital Why not your business. If you want to grow your business, it becomes compulsory to have Digital Presence, build Digital Credibility & gain trust.
Digital Marketing is an excellent career option for womens. It is a versatile field, i.e. it is not compulsory to go to the office or stay at the office late at night to complete work. If you have Internet, Mobile/Laptop you can work anywhere as you wish.
Now it becomes necessary for all business to connect with people digitally. Starts from Restaurants, Retail Stores, Healthcare etc. every shop, company, business needs digital marketing. Not everyone likes to hire an employee or outsource to an agency; there is a tremendous oppurtunity to hire a freelancer. If you are already doing freelancing, you can cross-check with your existing client.
Now top companies are expecting MBA graduates are updated and having knowledge in Digital trends. Your MBA programs doesn’t cover the topic of Digital Marketing in detail. This course will help you understand the basics as well as advanced details about this promising field.
Now the business medium getting advanced and changed by digital technology. To grow and reach high position in your career it is essential to learn how to do marketing and sales using digital platforms.
If you stuck with your current job, want to earn decent salary and want to grow exponentially, it is recommended to learn digital marketing as there are lots of demand for jobs in India and aroud globe.

Why Should You take this Course?

To Future Proof Your Career Job

To Grow Your Own Business

To Become A Freelancer

To Monetize Your Creatives

12 Modules

Basics to Advanced Course Syllabus

01 Fundamentals Of Marketing

Understand the basics helps you to build a strong foundation in marketing as well as digital marketing. what you will learn in this module,

  • What is Marketing?
  • Evolution Of Marketing
  • Traditional vs. Digital Marketing
  • What are all marketed?
  • How to Define your Target Customer?
  • How to create digital marketing funnel?

02 Website Creation & Management

The Website is a hub for all businesses in digital ecosystem. Only learning about the Website is not enough. It is mandatory to learn,

  • How to register a domain and buy hosting?
  • How to create a complete Website & Blog and get it online?
  • How to create an E-Commerce Website?
  • How to collect payment online via website?

03 Graphic Design & Branding

Design creates distinctive impressions in marketing efforts. Before digging into digital marketing you must know about,

  • What is Branding?
  • How to create Brand Identity / Logo?
  • How to create images for Social Media Post, Blog Post & Digital Advertisement?
  • How to create video animation and slideshow presentations?

04 Keyword Research

Peoples never visit website directly. Instead, they google for what they want. If you want to rank a website in google you need to understand,

  • What is Search Engine and How it works?
  • Top 5 Search Engine in India and Around Global.
  • What is the keyword and types of keywords?
  • How to do keyword research and find your business-related keyword?

05 SEO - Search Engine Optimization

You need to optimize a website that can be easily understood by the search engine, and show the search engine your site is worth ranking.Discover the hidden formula by learning,

  • Completely About Technical SEO, On-Page & Off-Page SEO
  • Optimizing web page that search engine quickly understands and rank a website.
  • How to map targeted keywords to a website?
  • Learn the secret to rank your website at the top spot

06 Local SEO

Optimize your Website for location-based searches and rank your business in the top of Google My Business(GMB) listing by knowing,

  • What is Local SEO?
  • How to do it on Website?
  • What is Google My Business (GMB)?
  • How to create a GMB profile for your business?
  • How to rank your business in the top position of the GMB directory?

07 SEM / PPC / Google Ads

Instead of optimizing your website you can pay some amount to the google to list a website in the top spot and also in diverse place is know as Search Engine Marketing or Paid Ads.

  • Understanding Paid Ad Structure
  • Different types of Marketing Campaign
  • How to set up a campaign, Ad group & Ads?
  • How to set the Budget and Bidding Strategy for your ads?
  • How to set up and measure the leads, purchase or sales happened through a paid ad?
  • How to analyze, manage, and maintain the successful paid ad?

08 SMM - Social Media Marketing

Master in Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora and WhatsApp Business. Be Expertise in Social Media Marketing by learning,

  • Basics and Purpose of Social Media
  • How to create a digital presence in all social media platforms for a business?
  • How to grow a business using an organic social media strategy?
  • How to reach your brand and get new leads, sales, or purchases by using a paid campaign?
  • How to analyze, measure, and optimize social media performance?

09 E-Mail Marketing & CRM

It is important in marketing to engage the audience & existing customers. This module will help you to effectively engage people using CRM & E-Mail Marketing. This step by step e-mail marketing course covers you entirely from,

  • Collecting e-mail ids online
  • Sending bulk e-mail
  • How to create high performing e-mail?
  • Analyze the statics and status to make effective decisions.
  • Customer Relation Management Using Hubspot.
  • Centralised Lead Management
  • Customer Lifecycle Relation Management

10 Copywriting

Writing content for a website, Search Engine, Social media marketing, and any commerce intended is known as Copywriting. It is becoming very demanded and high paying skill across the globe. The successive ad campaign is mostly depending on how the copy is written.

  • What is Copywriting?
  • Content Writing vs. Copywriting
  • How to write a copy for a website, Social media, Search engine?
  • How to write copy for humans and avoid writing content for aliens?
  • Know the secret formula for writing a high selling advertising copy

11 ORM - Online Reputation Management

From modules 1 to 10, you will learn about how to do digital marketing. Here you will learn,

  • How to maintain the business reputation digitally?
  • How to respond and manage Enquiry/customer queries digitally?
  • Finding and managing what people buzz about your business in Online

12 Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimisation

It is essential to find how people are interacting with your website and marketing campaign. In this module, you will learn,

  • How to install Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora analytics to your website?
  • How to set up analytics for your website, social media ad, and search engine ad?
  • From where(search engine, social media, email, etc.) peoples coming to your website?
  • How to find website visitors' location, Age, and their devices?
  • How are they interacting with your website?

22 Tools Covered

Google Tag Manager
Google Search Console
Google Keyword Planner
Google Data Studio
Google Analytics
Google Trends
ZOHO Social
Quora For Business
Facebook Ads Manager
Youtube Advertisement
Facebook Business Suite
Google My Business
LinkedIn Ads
WhatsApp Business
Yoast SEO

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What our student says

Sakthi Sri Devi


Lahrel Antony

Digital Marketing Executive




Valliappan M
Content Writer

  To be frank I had no idea about digital marketing till I enter into Teknogic. Friend of mine insisted to look for digital marketing for him. For God sake I myself entitled with him for a free demo class, there I visualized my future career & decided to learn DM from Teknogic.  


Arun TS
IT Professional & Entrepreneur

  Trainer with good experience and Knowledge. Had great classes with flexible timing. Learnt and gained more knowledge.  


Samuvel L
Student & Freelancer

  I completed Digital Marketing course in Teknogic , this is a good place to learn about online marketing , they cover all topics in step by step manner its very easy to understand and trainer is very friendly to us , he clarify our doubts as soon as possible . And we also have a practical session for each and every topics, thanks for my Trainer and Teknogic to make my days effective.  


Azarudeen Ibrahim
Google Ads Manager

 I have done course here... Classes was good... Tutor were so experienced that they will provide you there work and real-time applications samples and ideas  


Nivedita Prasad
Women Entrepreneur

 The course content was good. Instructor teaching is very clear, described each and everything in detail. I can follow them easily. Had hands on experience in live project was satisfying. Overall it is an amazing learning. If you want to reskill for a dynamic career, Please go for it.  


Prasanth R

 its very helpful to set my career path and practical classes are made a good working experience to me ..its very very useful too..i really thank to Sundar...  

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